Friday, September 1, 2017

Get Your Priorities Straight

I put this image up because I recall an episode of "Ned Declassified: School Survival" where Ned was making a Japanese dish instead of attending a lecture for Chemisty. Since he did not make the lecture a priority, he missed an opportunity to improve his grade. SO where am I going with this? I am taking it to anybody interested in the music industry in general. 

Problem: If you are interested in the music industry, whether you are an artist, producer, manager,etc, you have to start organizing yourself! Understanding your priorities is the only way to advance in this game. The game is changing constantly and rapidly for you not to be organized.  You can't one day decide to invest in a new pair of Retros and then the next day into a music video! That is half-ass work! You have to understand if your goal is to be the best artist, then you must invest in your craft first! If you don't, you miss out on opportunities, and you weaken your brand. 

Solution: If you want to be a better artist, the first thing you have to do is create a list of priorities as Ned learned! This way, you and your brand can accomplish a lot in a timely manner. Then, you will see things roll for you! Once, it starts rolling it takes a while to stop momentum! So, be wise on how  you spend your money because it could cost you on the long run! Peace. 

"I'm no expert, but I have seen it work!" Anthony Obas 

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