Friday, September 8, 2017

Mirror, Mirror of an Artist

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Professor DefBeat is here to teach us! Today's lesson is about image and how it hurts or elevates artists! So take out those notebooks and jot down some notes! 

Professor DefBeat: Image is the most important thing in the music game! It can either hurt you or elevate you! Why is that? 

Class: We don't know! We just started rapping and it seemed fun! Our friends said we could do it! 

Professor DefBeat: It's good that you don't know! Image is important because it helps the audience distinguish artist from artist. Today, it is hard to distinguish artists when we all have the same fashion style or same rhyme scheme! Back in my days, De la Soul was known for being the weirdos! Anyone know why? 

Class: Cuz they were different! 

Professor DefBeat: Exactly! From clothes to music, they were different and true to themselves. They produced songs such as ,Me,Myself, and I and Buddy, which were two songs we can say was theirs. Now a days, you guys want to run around talking about Dracos, Henny bottles, and strip clubs. Really guys?! The crazy part about it is that your listeners know who you are and this is what kills your image! 

Class: Wow! 

Professor DefBeat: I know. However, today, we solve that issue! Here's my advice! Start rapping or singing about things involving around your life and passion! It is then you are able to grab more listeners and actually distinguish yourself! By distinguishing yourself, you are more marketable. This is what made De la Soul different from Tribe and Wu Tang! I believe each and everyone of you have the capability to do the same! So just do it!

Class: Thanks Professor DefBeat! 

Professor DefBeat: Anytime! Until next time! See ya soon and be different! 

"I'm no expert, but I have seen it work!" Anthony Obas

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