Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Performance Effect

The Performance effect as I call it is a new term I'm introducing in the music industry. It is the impact an artist has on a crowd after their performance. You might know the artist before the performance or have no idea who artist is before the event, but the result is if the performance is great, the listener is more inclined to listen to their music. In the video above, Travis Scott performed Goosebumps 15 times in Oklahoma city. After the performance, the plays on that individual song increased by about 10% according to XXL magazine after that performance. If it wasn't for his performance, do you honestly think his plays would have increased by that much? 

Now, how does that apply to the independent scene?  Independent artists don't realize the significance of their performance. You guys have to bring the energy every performance despite crowd size. It just starts with one individual. That individual is going to tell another person and another person.  That's when the numbers start to increase. That's a level up for you guys. 

The performance effect is a great thing if done right. With great energy and a crowd, you will have a long career in this industry. However, choose not to perform by being cheap or not paying for performance, watch how you jeopardize your career as Blackout The Rebel states. The choice is all yours, so make the right one.


"I'm no expert, but I have seen it work!" Anthony Obas

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