Friday, December 1, 2017

Come On Man, Share The Wealth

This week on Let's Get It Poppin' with DJ Tiff Dollaz (WPNR 90.7 FM) we took on a different idea for up and coming artists. 

With as many collab albums dropping as there has been lately it was a great time to talk about this hidden issue. Being interested in independent artists for as long as I have I've come across my fair share of selfless artists. Artists who will share whatever they've made, beats they've produced, getting people on their tracks for features, even throwing a few extra songs on their mixtape that they were only involved in producing. That's how it should be, artists should be out there doing what they love and banding together to break into the music industry, but instead, a majority of artists are selfish when it comes to things like this.

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Honestly, lets think about this real quick.. Would there be Kanye without Jay-Z? Drake without Lil Wayne? Eminem without Dr. Dre? Chance without Kanye?  The Weeknd would have never been a household name is Drake didn't start quoting him on twitter and the shortly after collabing with him on Take Care allowing him to take a big role on the album, just for one example. 

Bronx rapper, Yung Fly, knows a lot about spreading the wealth and helping other artists grow alongside helping his own career. On his mixtape Summer Sixteen that dropped last year, he puts everyone on. Even his brother, King Jay, on Area Codes one of the better-known songs from the tape. His brother came to him with a song idea for him to do but instead Fly wanted to include his brother, who had never rapped seriously before, on the song. Along with Area Codes, the tape is filled with features including Billy Racks another upcoming artist out of New York City. After Summer Sixteen dropped a majority of the featured artists began their own careers in music including L. Dot Frm Da Sec, and Que Snipes. I asked Yung Fly what his opinion on sharing the wealth was, and he said "if you want love, you gotta show love. A person is more likely to share your link if they know you would share if it was them". 

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Most artists need to realize that it is not a race to the top but a climb. You can ask for help and give help to those who need because without others you won't make. 

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