Friday, December 22, 2017

Home Crowd Advantage

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You know what team this is! It is the San Antonio Spurs, one of the best organizations in the NBA. Now we can argue that they may not be the best team, but we can say that it is tough for teams to pull a win off in their house. It is because of their strong and supportive fans they are able to do this. 

Now, what does this have to do with independent artists? Well, every artist wants to perform in the 50 states. However, it seems that a lot of independent artists fail to capture the audience closer to them, which is the audience at home. With so many emerging artists, you can't afford to lose the home crowd. The home crowd is the main one advertising and supporting your music. The Spurs can go into any opponent's house and pull off a W because they have that support. As an artist, if you can't capture the crowd hype from home,  how are you suppose to bring that same hype to you on your tour? 

This article is not to discourage you guys from touring or performing in other places, but it is to get some hype behind you before you take off. The purpose of the hype is to make sure that 
the performance effect is effective, so when you leave the audience can bump your music. However, this only starts when you gain that Home Crowd Advantage. The results will pay off. 


"I'm no expert, but I have seen it work!" Anthony Obas

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