Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Man, you not Hot!

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Girl says: Take off your jacket! 
Big Shaq says: Man's not hot! 

This line contains both a literal and a figurative interpretation. By now,  you have seen the literal interpretation from Big Shaq's, Man's Not Hot. However,  I'm going address an issue that involves the independent industry using the figurative interpretation. Let's get it. 

Big Shaq mentions constantly that he is never hot. Hot represents influence and impact. Now, after that video, one may argue that he's a trending artist or comedian. However, he's not gotten to the status where he has made an impact on people's lives.  This relates to some of you independent artists. You guys need to stop thinking that you are bigger than you are. It is great to have confidence, but a lot of you, independent artists, are becoming extremely cocky with your content. It starts with "I don't need to support other artists" and ultimately, ends with, "I don't perform for free. You guys pay me".  Voicelessmusic response: 

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This all happened because you think you're "Hot"! Shaking my head! 

Now, where do we go from here? I call every independent artist to really reflect on their content and the relationship  with the people. Understand that your music is for the people and when you level up, the people level up with you and your music. That's all we gotta say until next time. 

"I'm no expert, but I have seen it work!" Anthony Obas

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