Friday, December 29, 2017

The Artist Interlude

If you don't know Joe Budden, then you honestly need to look him up.  Joe Budden, a rapper and a broadcaster, is famously known for his song, Pump It Up, and his famous podcast, The Joe Budden Podcast. He was a former music critic for Complex's show, Everyday Struggle.  I can't recall the last song Joe Budden created that was a hit like Pump It Up. Usually artists like Joe Budden would die out, but he managed to stay relevant.  How? Joe Budden understood that he must keep his name relevant in the entertainment world. This is the core concept of a new theory called The Artist Interlude

The Artist Interlude is a new term I'm introducing to the industry. The Artist Interlude is a period where an artist is away from their audience and is producing content for their upcoming project. It usually occurs between releases of albums and it happens to every artist. The problem with it is that it leaves an artist disconnected with the audience.  The audience begins to wonder on upcoming projects or just get tired of the old content. However, there are ways to remain connected with your audience. Here are some suggestions:
  1. Radio/Podcasts: This is a great form of exposure. This is where the listeners truly get to know the artist.  It is a more personal level.  You want to use radio to continue that personal relationship. You can either host your own show or get on other people's show to do interviews. 
  2. Performances: Performances allow artists to share their thoughts through action.  It is here that the listeners are able to gain that emotional touch.  Happiness, Sorrow, and Anger are just some of the emotional touches. 
  3. Features: As your artist's brand expands,  your network of artists expands as well.  Artists are always looking for features.  Get on a hook, a verse, or a chorus! This allows the listeners to know that you still got some juice in ya. 
  4. Music Video: If you are not doing this, I don't know what's wrong with you. Take a single from your EP and create a visual to it.  You can take the Michael Jackson approach into a movie-video, or a straight up video.  Either option is perfectly fine, but people will appreciate the song more with the visuals. 
  5. Blogs: This is where you get the critique from others. The writer must have a powerful audience and voice to convey others to listen to your music. They must know the ins and out of music. These writers will be able to keep your name in the streets. 
These are just a few ways I believe you, the artist, can stay connected with your audience. Joe Budden is still relevant not for his music, but for his insane personality. His role as a broadcaster is just an additional piece to Joe Budden as an artist, but more importantly as a whole person.
You can remain connected if you choose one or all of the listed suggestions. It will only benefit you as an artist for 2018 and the future. I hope this post helps you in the New Year. 


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