Friday, January 26, 2018

The Artist Chemistry

Man, was OTIS the jam back in 2011. Jay-z and Kanye West brought their heads together once again to create a summer banger.  We've seen Kanye producing for Jay-z on The Black Album.  Jay-z being mentioned as Kanye West's Big Brother on Graduation.  It was only right in 2011 the two individuals brought their resources together to create one of my favorite collab albums, Watch the Throne.  This wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for a new term we are introducing called The Artist Chemistry. 

The Artist Chemistry is the emotional connection between two or more artists.  Artists contribute a feature that another artist may lack. It can be a fast pace flow or conscious lyricism. As the individuals support each other's needs, they begin to form a camaraderie. This camaraderie is strong and influential since people recognize the individuals as a power force. 

In the independent scene, we have a ton of artists looking for collaborations and features. Independent artists can't achieve these collaborations because they haven't developed the root of the artist chemistry. There's only one reason to this. Artists fail to support other artists. Some of you don't promote other artist's music, attend performances,  or congratulate them. As a result, the artist, you were looking to collaborate with wants nothing to do with you or your brand.  You just cut off one major connection to help you, just because you didn't support! 

I usually give advice on how to obtain some of these theories, but this one is straight forward. Artist support Artist. You have to support your own kind in order to move to the next level together. Radio Hosts, bloggers, or promoters may support you, but only the art will get you far. Choose not to support,  you will end up like Meek Mill after his feud with Drake.

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Choose Wisely! Peace

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