Monday, February 12, 2018

The Art of Sampling featuring Falease

Sampling, a very controversial topic today, is something that is very important to the music industry.  In the video above,  Mark Ronson, an English DJ, talks about the significance of Sampling.  He states that sampling is the narrative of a song while pushing that story forward.  He gives an example using Notorious B.I.G's famous song, "Hypnotize "and how it was sampled from one of Hip-Hop's legendary song,"La Di Da Di," with Doug E. Fresh and Slick Rick. Since Biggy was able to incorporate an aspect of this song, Biggy was able to continue to push the original story of Doug E.Fresh and Slick Rick and offer his own interpretation on the piece. Phenomenal!

However, I, Anthony Obas, noticed that some Independent artists have failed to capitalize on this. Why? There is a lack of synthetic imagination in the music industry. Synthetic Imagination is the arrangement of old concepts and ideas into new combinations. It is this type of imagination that allows people to be successful as Napoleon Hill states in his book, "Think and Grow Rich". Another name for this synthetic imagination in the music industry is sampling. Artists are warped up in creating the same sound that is trending, instead of studying old music and recreating it, and tailoring it to their style or sound. Sampling creates a curiosity for listeners and a better appreciation for music as a whole! I mean,damn, isn't that why some of you artists go into music today or maybe not?!

Instead of me speaking about the significance of sampling, I decided to interview an independent artist name Falease who speaks about this in further details. He used Sade's "Kiss of Life" and incorporated some of it to his dope song called "The One for Me" from his latest project "Falease". Listen to this interview carefully for he reveals some interesting stuff about sampling and more information on projects to come. Peace

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