Friday, March 16, 2018

Go DJ, that's our DJ

Say "Go DJ," 'cause that's my DJ- Lil Wayne 

Weezy's "Go DJ" was the song of '04 off The Carter.  It definitely was one of my favorite songs off the project during Weezy's come up years.  Even though Weezy was wild during these years lol, he understood one thing: The DJ is one of the most important people in the music industry.  If it wasn't for DJ Mannie Fresh, I don't think Weezy would be a popular artist.  Why you say that? Well let's go into it now.

Above, DJ Mannie Fresh comments on Weezy's song. He states that people at clubs used to give him a shoutout for making the clubs lit. Showing appreciation, Weezy created a song dedicated to DJs like DJ Mannie Fresh.  Even though Weezy appreciated Mannie Fresh, it was also an incentive for Mannie Fresh to play his tracks at parties and promote.   It definitely made Weezy more popular now since Mannie Fresh is adding it to his mixes and playing it at clubs. Interesting right?! 

Here's where independent artists fail again once more. You guys are constantly looking for promoters, yet the main ones are right in front of ya, DJs.  They are the reason why songs get played at clubs and radios.  If you are trying to get play time,  incentivize with the DJ. Throw a drink at the DJ,show love, engage, etc to stay connected with the DJ. The DJ don't need you, YOU NEED THE DJ.  He still going to see the check, but some of ya artists idk about that! 

So.. start to have DJs in your contacts! When your track drops,  they will remember what you did! Trust me it is probably how S-Rock, an independent artist, and DJ Mainstream, a DJ, met. Look at them, 

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Now look at you! Get ya self a DJ! Peace 

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