Thursday, April 26, 2018

Your Name is......

Hi! My name is (what?) , My name is (who?) , My name is Slim Shady. When Eminem introduced himself as Slim Shady, he did this in a humorous way, yet unique way. He needed to distinguish himself as this new white rapper from Detroit who would be the best rapper/lyricist in Hip-Hop. All because his name was different! So let's talk about this idea of names. 

An artist name is incredibly crucial to a successful career. Why?  Your name creates possession over your entire brand.  People can identify your style, your flow, your production, and etc. By doing this, you are able to start a legacy whether small or big in the music industry. 

Lately, self-releasing artists been having trouble generating traffic to their music. People can't easily search their names. Listeners, like myself, dont want to look up an entire sentence for one artist. The listeners are extremely lazy and don't want to deal with complications. As a result, the artist loses money and a reach to new audience.  All because you couldn't distinguish yourself. 

SO how do you solve this? Very simple two step process
  1. Find a unique name that is personal to you. It shouldn't be your first name spelled backwards lol, but it should have a meaning behind it and your music should be your support of it. 
  2. Look on the GODDAMN INTERNET. The internet is your source to find out if any artist has that name.
These are very basic steps, but extremely crucial to your brand. So if you want to be like Eminem, get a name that match your image. 

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