Monday, May 7, 2018

Meko Sky - Distance

So, Voicelessmusic Entertainment isn't hold back I see.  This time, we have, Bronx artist,  Meko Sky who steps to the plate and delivers the home run for the day. With what? A new single called Distance and we had a chance to talk about it  Now

Meko's new single, "Distance" was released Saturday extremely early.  The Bronx artist decided to take the Underground Drake approach on this song. He definitely wanted to give the club something to bump. However,  Meko wanted to talk to us about the moves of people. Some people are constantly flexing just to impress people. Two things: it doesn't phase Meko and he had to change up by keeping his distance. A very mature move I say.

Meko Sky can be found on all streaming platforms. So let's learn a little thing and let's bump that "Distance".  Now! 

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