Friday, May 11, 2018

This is a Music Video

OMG, this music video right here is so satirical. I was shocked to see Childish Gambino,  the leading star of Atlanta,  come out with a video like this.  Childish Gambino displayed all the negativity that's been associated with America and decided to talk about it through various artistic forms, dancing and music, which are forms of positivism. SOOOO many symbolism in this video.Amazing I say, wish I can say this about every artist's music video! This video inspired a great blog for us to talk about it right now!

Lately,  I have been watching music videos from independent artists and some of them, I am not phased by.  For some reason, I can't figure out the message of some of you artist's music video or what direction you guys are taking in the music video.  Like this has been my facial expression almost this entire month and it only been 11 days in.

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The problem is unpacked in two layers. One layer is that there has been a plethora of artists who lack a vision. They want the "bag" so much that they can't even make an art piece.  The second layer involves the creative directors who see these artists without the vision, but exploit them for the check. The job of the creative director is take the vision of the artist and figure out a strategic way to execute effectively. But this is not the case for both party. SO what's the result? Trash music video and trasher brand smh. 

But you know, Voicelessmusic, don't want you to be trash, so we recommend two things!
  1.  Establish your vision: What does the music video say about you as the artist? You might not know but establish goals that will guide you there. 
  2. Find credible creative directors: Look at their portfolio  and see if they are capable of executing the Vision and the brand. 
If you do these two things, you will be successful. More importantly, the artist's brand and the creative director's brand will grow.  So you choose grow together or fall on ya face.  Choose is 

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