Thursday, June 7, 2018

Come Here Artists Let Me Talk To You

Wow, this interview right here is amazing.  You have two artists, Lil Pump and J.Cole, coming together to talk about the state of the industry. One artist creating music for the art and another one creating music for commercialization.  It all started with Lil Pump "strategically" dissing J.Cole on a track called "Fuck J.Cole", which I thought was dumb, but it brought us here today to write this blog about artists understanding their purpose in this industry.  So let's get into it. 

For some time now, every time I meet an emerging independent artist,  I hear this exact quote, " I wanna be an artist".  and I'm like "Sure" sarcastically, which is usually not my approach to things because I want everyone to succeed. However,  we have come to the state in almost every genre where everyone is trying to make music a career for themselves, which is like a WTF moment to me. The worse part about it is that these emerging artists don't know what their purpose is to doing this music thing.  So I'm going to set ya straight. 

When you are an artist today, you are either an artist for commercialization or an artist for artistry. Artists who believe in commercialization have these characteristics: 
  1. MAKE MUSIC 4 $$$
  2. Trend-Hoppers
  3. More concerned with money than legacy
  4. Short process for brand recognition
  5. Inconsistent Fan Base
Artists who believe in artistry have these characteristics: 
  1. Make music for the art
  2. Trend- Setters  
  3. More concerned with legacy than money
  4. Longer Process for brand recognition
  5. Loyal ass Fan Base 
As an artist, you are either one or the other. NOT BOTH! Once you figure out what type of artists you need to move accordingly and market yourself to the best of your abilities.  Figure out why you make music, then Voiceless Music and I can help move accordingly.  That is pivotal for the rest of your career.  Being commercialized artist or an artsy artist is fine by me, but just don't be lost in this game asking because you are wasting time and valuable resources to others in this game.  Choose wisely. 


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