Friday, June 22, 2018

Radio: Dead or Alive?

It be times like this I wish I grew up in the mid 80s where boombox was a huge thing in the hip-hop scene.  This song, "I can't live without my radio" was a classic hit from LL Cool J, one of the most important MCs, in hip-hop.  He talked about the love of radio and how it allowed him to connect with his fans. It also allowed him to display his rap skills. However, we are in a different time period and the love for radio ain't the same in the music industry. Today, we are going to talk about what happened and why as an artist it is still a valuable asset in the music industry. 

Over the years, radio has taken on different forms of delivering content to listeners. You have internet radio, podcasts, streaming services, YouTube channels,  and even Facebook/Instagram live that does exactly what radio does, but its just in a different form. The only thing that has changed with radio is the format not the purpose, so when people say it's dying is just mind blowing to me? 

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But Hey, that is your opinion. I'm just stating real observations! 

As usual, I have to bring it back to the indie scene. It's very simple. Use every form of radio outlet you can. You never know who you can reach or attract. In addition, you want to stay connected with your fans so you can develop that artist/fan base. Not hard right?!

Radio is an essential tool to getting information out. Don't be fooled by people when they are saying radio is dying. In reality, radio is evolving to something better. We are yet to see what is to come, but just know, radio will always be there as long as there's a need for information. PEACE! 

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