Voiceless Music On Air!

Voiceless Music with its radio show Voiceless Music Radio became independent radio staple for 5 years. Streched between F.L.O. Empire Radio and WVMR, the show was before it's time!

Now there's a new wave of personalities touching the airwaves representing Voiceless Music in a much bigger way! Check out the shows now branded by the Home Of The Independent!

The Daily Talk with Cool Chellz is independent radio's only daily talk show on the airwaves, airing from 10a - 12p on WVMR!

Past guests include Voiceless Music Award winners Zeke Jaye, Taina, Phenom, former Grammy consideration artist Kathryn Hoxie and more! 
To be on The Daily Talk email: thedailytalkwithcoolchellz@gmail.com

The Underground Collection Radio hosted by Iman Marie, Ken Fol and Kiyah; independent driven, independently powered, T.U.C. is the voice of the people! 

Past guests include C. Watts, Kay Anthony and reps from WVMR's radio show, SWYM!
To be on T.U.C. Radio email:

Loud Silence Radio, branded as your 'Monday Night ride home' featuring Voiceless Music Awards winner Meko Sky, Vianca and Mister Quest taking their show from the streets to the airwaves!

Past guests include Butta Cool, Voiceless Music Awards nominees Live Johnson and Sakinah Iman, and former Voiceless Music showcase winner Hookz Murdock!
To be on Loud Silence Radio email: 

A Minute With Mainstream is the re-incarnation of DJ Mainstream's YouTube segment and his interview segment from The Pulse Of New York!

Past guests include Quantum Split lead single Soleil Laurent, Mickey Factz, and more!

To hear any of these shows previous podcasts, click their link below!

The Daily Talk podcasts
T.U.C. Radio podcasts
Loud Silence Radio podcasts

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