2019 Voiceless Music Awards Voting

The Voiceless Music Awards is the brainchild of Voiceless Music’s creator DJ Mainstream to honor the top viewers and artists promoted on Voiceless Music website overall.

This year, for our 5 year anniversary, we partner the show with Hip Hop Retreat Week as we close the historic festival on August 11, 2019.

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Eventbrite - 2019 Voiceless Music Awards

Vote below! 

- Voting is open for 2 times a day
- 2 selections can be made at 1 time

The last day of voting will be on, Independence Day, July 4, 2019!

2019 VoicelessMusic.com Artist of the Year [Presented by LBanks & DJ Mainstream]:
Kony Brooks 
J.R. JustReal
Saay Park
Scorpio P 
Live Johnson

BREAKOUT Artist of the Year [Izmatic of Vali Boys]:
Kay Anthony 


Lars Active

OGWN (Original Weird Negus)

SQUAD of the Year [Presented by the hosts of Dad Hats & Bowties]:
ART Entertainment
2G Music Group
Ei8th Productions
OGWN (Original Weird Negus)

Video of the Year: 
Brooklyn Boy LB - The Boom (feat. Hue Hef)
Scorpio P - Mother's Son  
Shenna - Magenta
Bizzy Bee - How To Rap
Frank Knight - Because I'm Black
Kay Anthony - Demons/Paranoia 
Kony Brooks - Waist Trainer
Konceited Show - Raw (feat. L.O. Heemz & Corey J.)

Collab of the Year [presented by Ve Jano of UGCS]:
Brooklyn Boy LB - The Boom (feat. Hue Hef) 
Nikko Tesla - Judy's Gone (feat. Jayce Hightower) 
Live Johnson - Feel No Way Remix (feat. Kony Brooks, Ray Fame, Oz & Phenom)
Konceited Show - Raw (feat. K-Shine, L.O. Heemz & Corey J.) 
Smoove Shotta & Zeke Jaye - HER LOV'IN 
Ray Fame - She's My Type (Remix) (feat. Ceresse J, Teddy Grahams & Saay Park)
Saay Park - Ready (feat. Kony Brooks) 

Compilation of the Year:
Poiison - Unemotional Freak 
Bryan Joon - Bryan Joon 
Kony Brooks - All Hail The King 
Hookz Murdock - Gauntlet 
Richard Pigkaso - There Are No Strings Attached
Nikko Tesla - Black Hill Ave

Best Live Performer [Presented by Bebe Palmer of Earwaxx Sessions & Cutty Palance]:
Frank Knight
Richard Pigkaso
Shade Valintino
Ja'Pan Nation

Best Female Artist [Presented by Young Tef]:
Vaygez Blakk
Lanii Lyrik 

Radio Song Of The Year [Presented by Miss JayVee]:
Live Johnson - Bootleg Industry Remix (feat. Nikko Tesla & Meko Sky) 
Scorpio P - Moonlight Theory
RBM Bizzel - Tell These Hoes
Lars Active - Summertime Fine
SpecialT - New Attitude (feat. Ru$Grey)
Shade Valintino - Hit It (feat. Jaquae)
Nikko Tesla - Judy's Gone (feat. Jace Hightower)

Best Rap  / Hip-Hop Single Of The Year [Presented by Joan Andre of MorValue]:
Kony Brooks - Rough (feat. Mickey Factz)
Hookz Murdock - Mind
Path P - ZERO
Shade Valintino - Hit It (feat. Jaquae)
Scorpio P - Mother's Son
Enonomous - Korona Kickback

Best R&B / Pop Single Of The Year [Presented by Naz Banks of Aamillion Designs]:
NeQuasia - Loving Me (Ain't Easy) 
J.R. JustReal - So Wet
Saay Park - Crazy Sexy Cool
Shenna - Magenta
Smoove Shotta & Zeke Jaye - HER LOV'IN
Poiison - Pills For The Pain
Michael Bostic - Confused

Vocalist Of The Year [Presented by Ra[K]oon]:
J.R. JustReal
Bryan Joon 
Saay Park
Zeke Jaye

MC Of The Year [Presented by Meko Sky]:
Scorpio P 
Kony Brooks
Shade Valintino
Kay Anthony 
Reezy Boipelo 

Live Johnson

Peoples Choice [Presented by SynDotCom]:
True Pax 
Meko Sky
Lanii Lyrik 


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