The History of Voiceless Music Awards

The Voiceless Music Awards is the brainchild of Voiceless Music’s creator DJ Mainstream to honor the top viewers and artists promoted on Voiceless Music overall. From 2013 and 2014, the awards show was more of a blogged release of winners. In 2015, we announced a live show from Blackthorn 51 in Queens, New York. On November 20, 2016, we did it again, this time in Downtown Brooklyn, New York at Amarachi Lounge. 

In 2017, we returned on Tuesday, August 29. 2017 once again at Amarachi Prime in Brooklyn, New York! See our history and the previous winners below.

By the numbers: 
Most Voiceless Music Awards nominated artist (by all-time): Shawn Rock (11)
Most Voiceless Music Awards nominated artist (by year)
Ju$$-B (7 - 2017)
Most Voiceless Music Award wins: KONY Brooks (4)
Most consecutive Voiceless Music Award wins (by year):  SQMG (3 - 2015 - 2017)
Most consecutive Voiceless Music Award wins (by night): KONY Brooks (4 - 2016)

2017 Winners

Artist of the Year: Shenna

Vocalist of the Year: Ra[K]oon

Video of the Year: Shenna - "So-Low"

Live Performer of the Year: Ra[K]oon

MC of the Year: Meko Sky

WVMR DJ of the Year: DJ Thunder of Left Lane Radio

Collab of the Year: Saay - "Bad" featuring Leon Marin & Tori Deal

Compilation of the Year: The Silent Celeb - The Silent Celebrity Project

WVMR Song of the Year: Ra[K]oon - "Ignite"

Freestyle on Wax!: Phenom & Oz - "Voiceless Music / So Phenomenal Cypher"

This is The REMIX! / Cover Of The Year: Taina - "No Players"

SQUAD of the Year: Star Qualified Music Group (SQMG)

BREAKOUT Artist of the Year: Saay Park

2016 Winners

Artist of the Year: KONY Brooks

Vocalist of the Year: JR (JustReal)

Video of the Year: Star Qualified - Round Here (feat. Motive)

Live Performer of the Year: Jus Write

MC of the Year: KONY Brooks

Live On-Air Freestyle of the Year: KONY Brooks

Collab of the Year: Zeke Jaye - Snow White (feat. Trev Mulah)

Compilation of the Year: Frank Knight - "Free Lunch"

Song of the Year: S-Rock - Haterz On My Back (Remix)

Freestyle on Wax! of the Year: Nikko Tesla - "Huntin' Season"

This is The REMIX! / Cover Of The Year: KONY Brooks - "R.I.C.O."

SQUAD of the Year: SQMG

BREAKOUT Artist of the Year: Special T

2015 Winners

Artist of the Year: Bizzy Bee

Video Of The Year: Frank Knight - "Welcome To Brooklyn"

SQUAD (Best Group/Label) of The Year: Star Qualified

Best Collab: B. Morgan – Poke It Out feat. Beano

Recorded Freestyle of The Year: Jae Duckets – Dark Horse Freestyle

Vocalist Of The Year: B. Morgan

Song Of The Year: Frank Knight – Welcome To Brooklyn

Live Performer: Bizzy Bee

MC Of The Year: Wolfgang Joc

Bradley Joseph Lifetime Achievement Award: Mickey Factz

2014 Winners

Artist of the Year: Shawn Rock
Video Of The Year: Shawn Rock - "I Like Girlz"
Best Compilation [Mixtape/Album]: Siano -  Yung Poets Summa
Breakout Artist: Rachael Hendricks
Radio Song Of The Year: Prince Smith - Love Antique
Collab Of The Year: G. Milano - Love Song featuring I-Vee of Purple Heart Club
Live Freestyle Of The Year: Juanito Jones
Recorded Freestyle of The Year: Firehowse Spittas - Heatwave Freestyle Vol.
Vocalist Of The Year: Prince Smith
Club Banger Of The Year: Kidd Upstairs & XO - Amanda Bynes
Song Of The Year: Purple Heart Club - Vitamin
Breakout Track Of The Year: Perrion - Remedies
Female Artist Of The Year: Shilpa Narayan

2013 Winners
Artist of the Year: Mr2TheP
Video Of The Year: Mr2TheP - "#Coolin"
Best Compliation [Mixtape/Album]: Drought Money Entertainment - The Famine
Best Producer: J. Cardim
Collab Of The Year: Goodswag Milano w/ Sha Mula & Creative Gold - Ciroc Vodka Henny
Freestyle Of The Year: Siano - Yano Bitch (Rack City Freestyle)
Vocalist Of The Year: Mel'vin Jaye
Club Banger Of The Year: Ariez Onasis - Lay It Down
Song (Formerly Sleeper) Of The Year: MBennz - Taste Of Love

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