Gritty Panda Is Spreading Good Vibes

South Side Jamaica Queens's very own Gritty Panda bursts onto the scene with a banger for your cruising and listening pleasure. Whether you're enjoying this nice NY weather or you're elsewhere in the world GP is definitely going to uplift your spirits with this new track. "Good Vibes" checks off everything a song needs to make it a hit. Hit songs usually have to say something. Whatever it is it has to make sense and more points if it's something people can easily relate to. Gp's first verse talks about knowing from birth that he was different in the sense that he has the talent and drive to make something of himself while also conveying that it's quite easy to get distracted or have your life cut short due to the harsh conditions and environment he was forced to grow up in. The second verse speaks on his determination to help those in his corner while ignoring haters to achieve this goal. I don't know about you but I can definitely relate to thes…

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