Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Two #IndieVMA Nominees & 2 Special Guests Join #ThePulseOfNewYork This Week!

This week on The Pulse Of New York featuring DJ Mainstream and Lady Sen...

For the first time ever, Ja'Pan Nation himself appears on The Pulse Of New York since his nomination! Does the singer have what it takes to win? We hear more about him this week!

Also returning to the show is Jimmy Valentime to the The Pulse Of New York! We have new music coming to the MC but will he end up with an award in November? We speak to him more!

And alongside two special guests in Blackout The Rebel & Prince Smith, we officially announce the location and date of the 2016 Voiceless Music Awards this week!

It's Episode #13 of The Pulse Of New York!

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