Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Official 2016 Voiceless Music Awards Perfomers

It's finally here!

2016 Voiceless Music Awards goes down on November 20, 2016!

Voiceless Music is bringing the best and brightest out for another year of celebrating music excellence from rappers, singers, groups and labels from all over the city and world including performances from....

2016 Voiceless Music Awards nominee JR [JustReal]!

2016 Voiceless Music Awards nominee Leon Marin!

Exclusive performance from Live Johnson, EMF Black, Balliztic, Don Warbucks & Bibz!

Former Pulse Of New York guest ReachingNova!

Former Voiceless Music showcase performer Saay!

2016 Voiceless Music Awards nominee Zeke Jaye!

Former Voiceless Music showcase headliner Taina!

And a very special performance from Voiceless Music feature Jayo The Beatslayer!

Hosted by former multi-time Voiceless Music Awards nominee Juanito Jones!

Live from Amarachi Lounge (189 Bridge Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201), it’s the 2nd annual awards show for the unsigned and independent!

Tickets can be purchased here:
2016 Voiceless Music Awards

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