Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Nor'Easter Quinn Cues The Release of The Remaining #IndieVMAs18 Noms! (Part 2)

The 2018 Voiceless Music Awards is coming soon! And with the awards coming, means the nominations are here! 

So for today, during a massive New York snowstorm, we will drop the remaining 8 categories for you to vote for, in May, once all categories have been released. 

Please note, these nominations are based on Voiceless Music's posts, music, content and activity of artists from 2017!

Best Mainstream Song
Bizzy Bee - Gimme That (Swiper No Swiping) 
Zeke Jaye - X Rated
Hookz Murdock - Flight (feat. Zeyi)
Scorpio P - Mothers Son
Shenna - Magenta
Fiesty The Future - Good Everywhere 
Nequasia - Sexii You

Vocalist Of The Year
J.R. (JustReal)
The Silent Celeb
Zeke Jaye
Sei Park

MC Of The Year
Richard Pigkaso
Meko Sky
Hookz Murdock
Jayo The Beatslayer
Bizzy Bee

2018 Artist of the Year 
J.R. (JustReal)
Zeke Jaye
The Silent Celeb
Hookz Murdock

Again, please note, these nominations are based on Voiceless Music’s posts, music, and content from 2017

Once all nominations are announced, we will drop the links to vote for each category on May 1st!

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