#VoicelessMusicRadio Continues Its Reign As The #1 Show With 2 New Guest!

This week on Voiceless Music Radio with DJ Mastermind, Lisa Brittany and DJ Mainstream...

The 3rd place winner at the Showcase At The Spot II: Ghost of a Chance Bee Danger will be cashing in his interview and coming on the show this week!

And calling in by phone, Underground Awards nominated Female Hip-Hop Artist Venomiss will be on the show!

And finally in our Voiceless Corner, we discuss the well talked about controversy of D.R.A.M.'s Cha Cha and Drake's Hotline Bling and the re-use of music in the industry.

It's Episode #106: The Cha Cha Bling 
Voiceless Music Radio at 10pm


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