Generic Is More Than His Name

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adjective: generic
characteristic relating to a class or group of things; not specific.
 Synonyms: general, common, collective, nonspecific

Generic is changing the entire definition of his name and giving his listeners a very unique new sound. 

The upstate, New York artist started his musical journey very young but began taking it more and more seriously starting in high school. Crediting his brother as his first music influence, he has been creating his own flow for years now.

If asked to compare Generic to any mainstream artist, past or present, I couldn't. The sound that he creates is one of the most unique from an artist to date, in my opinion. 

The flow is so unique not commonly seen in artists who are lyrically heavy. Generic takes a lot of pride in working with vocabulary to create his own melodies. When he starts writing its all about finding a way to do something he hasn't done before, which become extremely apparent in his music.

Generic does something else very unique for his fan.. For those who follow him on Instagram, you've seen the videos. But for those of you who haven't, Generic uses Instagram to remain active even when he's not releasing full songs. It is beneficial for both him and his fans. He uses it for "practice", while his fans are still able to hear from him without it being a major project. 

With his newest album The Bakery out now on theres ANOTHER layer of uniqueness. Beats on the album were produced by his long time friend, Jack. The two started their musical journey together back in high school and have help one another grow into the success they are today. Producing like this allows for the artist to bypass all possible copy right restrictions and focus on the music. It also give his sound just one more little touch of uniqueness.

With two secret projects coming soon we will hear much more from Generic and Bakers Ave.  


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