Mixtape: Brunch Klub - Brunch Klub The Mixtape

New Orleans has always been a hot bed for rap music since the days of the original Cash Money crew. Now, it's time for new young blood to give the spotlight back on 'nola. 19 year old Vintage and 18 year old Wally... better known as the Brunch Klub, have a distinct "East Coast" flow but a set themselves apart with that down south swagger only can be heard from the South's finest MCs. 

On, Brunch Klub The Mixtape, both rappers give you all the necessities of a successful rap group: subject matter, word play, and everyone's favorite; punchlines. We highly suggest you listen and download the mixtape, then make sure to follow them @WallyBrunchin (Wally) and @VINTAGETHEGOD (Vintage). Brunch Klub 2 coming soon... eat this up. 


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