Voiceless Music Supports: Colt Cabana & Art of Wrestling Podcast

DJ Mainstream here, and of course this seems as if a majority music blog but to me, it’s more of entertainment up and comers and independent move-makers. Speaking of indy move makers, I am here tell you about professional independent wrestling, Colt Cabana.

A wrestler for more than a decade, Colt was a indy standout, however, when the World Wrestling Entertainment (the largest wrestling company in America, aka “the big leagues”) came calling, unfortunately, creative had nothing for him. But, like many of us, when the big time doesn’t cut it, we strive forward and keep going and Colt has found success in podcasting. With many friends in the wrestling world, Colt uses his Garage Band and editing tools, and interviews the top major and independent wrestlers, writers, figure heads and legends of the squared circle.... all live from his studio... apartment! Why am I telling you this? Because podcasting is a very underrated tool & Colt is the true example of not giving up on making an impact in what you love. Follow the squared circle personality on Twitter @ColtCabana and LIKE the Art of Wrestling Podcast Facebook page here.


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