Soundcloud Sunday: DJ K Millz

Being a DJ means different things to the average person. Your the maestro, as you know how to control the crowd. Your the engineer, as you can create music with your distinct way of hearing the beat. Your the supplier, as your songs you create become the playlist of a population. K. Millz is all three. Bred from New Jersey, Millz has created a popular following with his "Jersey Club" style tracks (let's try over 5,000 followers on Soundcloud), and happens to be my supplier for a lot the songs I spin. I can admit, I'm a fan and you should be too. Check out some of, in my opinion, hottest songs he's done: Calabria's Enur, French Montana's Shot Caller & a sick Super Mario mix; then check below on how to support. 

Soundcloud Sunday: K Millz