Soundcloud Sunday: Liam Rooney

Soundcloud Sunday is back and we're bringing a little flavor from the East Coast. Hailing from Central Jersey, Liam Rooney is looking to bring some much needed attention to New York's neighbor with some story telling Hip-Hop.

"My goal is to be able to influence And capture the ear of my generation and generations to come. In 25 years from now I want one of my songs to play and have people telling me I'm still dope. The road is obvious a rocky one but I think i have what it takes to really create something unforgettable"

And where helping him with his goal with choosing him at out featured Sunday artist. Take a listen to his tracks "Show Of Hands" featuring Nova, "Just A Friend" and his latest hit "Beautiful Pt. 1". Check out his official website here and contact for bookings at his official email: Welcome back Jersey.


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