Rex Rodri - RREP (Mixtape)

DMV is home to many rappers in the Hip-Hop game but none is as unique as Rex Rodri. Today, he dropped his first studio tape RREP, which is as unique as him. 

The tracks from this tape which, in our opinion, the premier two "radio sound" cuts, "On Top" which is dedication to his girlfriend and how well she rolls his weed (yes, we said it), and "Ndstrctbl" [pronounced 'indestructable'] which your high octane, high pressure club track which is sure to shake some blocks this summer.

But the true stand out from this tape is "Blow". This track shows not only is above par lyricism but his personality as he faults his love for the world 'fuck'. Independent MC's struggle finding themselves with their music but this song defines Rex's place in Hip-Hop

Take a listen to the tracks below and make sure to download it as well.