Hundred Degrees - Weirdos EP

We waited til 12am our time. to give all you other bloggers time one full day to post this. Why? Because the only blog that mattered to Hundred Degrees is Voiceless Music. We rode with these guys from the beginning, through tough times when one of their members Charlie Cheen passed and now through a big moment in their careers. We are proud to present you their first tape, Weirdos.

In a age where Juicy J has brought trippy to life, then the HD boys will make sure it never be on life support. "I Ain't No Hippy" is a solid intro as it puts your in the mindset for the tape, a perfect starter.
The most solid songs on their debut effort is "Scrilla" and the tape's single "Godz". In our opinion, "Scrilla", slag for money, should have a video because of the lasting lyrics all three members put in our head. If you catch yourself singing this track, don't be mad, blame it on HD. We don't they will mind.

Make sure to cop Weirdos below.

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