Siano - Yung Poets Summa (Mixtape)

After successful release of Yano's World Pt. 1, Siano release Yung Poets Summa and shows off his plethora of versatility.

On the mixtapes is some of his already existing hits such as "5 AM In The North", "On Ma Grind" and the newest single "Loud", but you will find that this is not your stereotypical rap album.

If you've never heard of Siano before, you will be surprised to find a distinct Jamaica accent. However, its on full display on his new mixtape with features his harmonies on several existing and self-made riddims. One song that this stands out on our favorite, "Drop It", which is similar to when we embraced Sean Paul and Beenie Man's rise to dominance as cross over artists.

But if you want a stand out track, its the very real life story of what happens when a night of passion can turn to something more. This story is told on "One Night Stand" which as DJ Mainstream says, "brings that instrumental to feel more like its his and no one elses".

Don't believe us check out and download Yung Poets Summa below!


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