Ryan Leslie - Black Mozart (Album)

Not many artist can pull off such swagger and business sense in one Saturday, but Ryan Leslie, through his well-strategized release of his newest project Black Mozart.

As a exclusive member, I was notified of my download being prepared and I waited patiently for the album to finish. As a fan of Ryan since his early days of using a cup of quarters to make a beat, I was impressed on the chemistry working with other producers who only display R. Les growth in this industry. 

I, myself, through the impatient-ness of the internet, have had "Higher" on repeat but having the clear cut album version only made me fall in love more with the song. The titular single "Green" with regular collaborator Fabolous is solid as their chemistry shines as usual. But as Voiceless Music always does, my choice cuts has to be "Bad Chicks" which is a certified club hit that gives you that head nod bounce you look for on a Leslie album. 

The other has to be the Courtney Bennett assisted "Only The Lonely" which displays a distinct linking between Bennett and Leslie's harmonies like Cherelle and O'Neal's "Saturday Love"; in lamest terms, they go well together. 

As a fan, a supporter of the independent and a review of all things music, sign up at Ryan Leslie's RenegadesNYC.com and download Black Mozart. You will not be disappointed. 

- DJ Mainstream, Voice of the Voiceless