Supakali - WTFISK: Who The Fuck Is Supa Kali? (Mixtape)

When a new artist come from the South, you automatically think of T.I. early days, a lot of trap sounds and hard 80s that shake a trunk. But then ATLien Supa Kali comes and screws up your whole mentality. Who The Fuck Is Supa Kali? is not what you expect.

Tracks like "C'est La Vie" (a French term translated to 'so is life') shows not only versatility but a originality needed in music as it reminds of being in Kill Bill movie with a Cadillac.

Our stand out track is "Greedmont Party" with Mach Five which shows Kali's to spit hard on a very calm mood beat similar to the legendary Outkast before him. Make sure to download Who The Fuck Is Supa Kali mixtape below and roll up!