Nyemiah Supreme - There Can Be More Than 1 (Mixtape)

Its about time! For a while, we wondered if someone will step up and be the next female MC in the limelight. And lucky for us, New York (by way of Queens) Nyemiah Supreme has stepped up. 

With her There Can Be More Than 1 tape, Nyemiah seems to has cemented her place as someone you have to pay attention to. Timbaland, who seems to always find diamond in the rough, executive produced her tape and it doesn't fall short with solid beats with accompanying rhyme slanging.

Our favorite of course, is the catchy "Rock & Roll" with Supreme and Timbaland gel so well not only on video (as seen below) but also with the instrumental itself. As always our sleeper hit its the track "Ambition" with that go-hard chill beat by indy producers L Boogie & Chi Duly, which to us make it a automatic radio hit!

Make sure to download the mixtape but also check out the video to "Rock & Roll" below.