Voiceless Spotlight: Riecee Siren

Singer/lyricist and fashion designer? Yep! Here's a story about a woman name Riecee.

Jersey girl Riecee Siren, the definition of a Diva... the female hustler, has impressed us with her outspoken voice and over the top clothing like that exceeds imagination while keeping up with todays trends.

With her own Misfits Makings store booming on Etsy, Siren continues to transcend and blend using her music to soothe the soul (Check out HOT Enigma vs. Sirens EP below) and her clothes to revolutionize the people. What else can we say about this "misfit mogul"? Well, we will keep eye on her and let HER do the talking.

Make sure you check out everything Riecee below!
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