Metropolitan Gaming League Announces NBA 2K14 Tournament For 1st Event!

As stated recently, DJ Mainstream announced we at has gotten into the video game world and are sponsoring Metropolitan Gaming League!

And tonight... we announce their first event is Tournaments & Tattoos going down on March 21, 2014 in Queens, New York City.. will be a NBA 2K14 tournament!

Lets break down some things for you...

The rules:
Entry fee for tournament is $40
First round, Quarter & Semi-finals - 2 quarters/5 minutes each
Tournament finals - 4 quarters/10 minutes each

At the end of the tournament, there will be one winner... and what will this person get?
A plaque showing how much of a winner you are!
A cool $300 from Metropolitan Gaming League!
A one-hour spot appearance on Voiceless Music Radio!

So, if you know a gamer who can put in work in NBA 2K14, and live within the New York City area make sure to contact Metro Gaming League: