DJ Mainstream Presents The State Of The Voiceless Address

Good evening all. As 2014 presses on, I find myself having to make immediate announcements as it pertains to Loyalty X Entertainment Inc. and our growing brands: Voiceless Music, Imperious Records, Gotham Visual and Anarchy Society Wrestling. 

Today, I am specifically speaking in regards to Voiceless Music and Imperious Records. Voiceless, started back in early 2012, has grown into a developing overall brand on a grand scale. We continue to bring new music from not only here in New York (where we are based) but also across the US, including, but not limited to the Midwest, California, and Arizona. 

Our reach has increase 76% from North America, to now the majority of our international visitors coming the United Kingdom, Canada and more recently, Australia.

Voiceless Music Radio hosted by myself and DJ Mastermind, has gained great fanfare and has become the home to many unsigned and independent artists all over the world through interview and radio play! Since our August 2013 debut, viewership has doubled while increasing traffic to Voiceless has tripled, setting our standard at 200-300 blog views a day. We've also started using our brand to sponsor events across the city such as  RLE's upcoming Concert Series in Brooklyn!

Due to the expansion we've increase staff such as new blogger and Promotions Manager Jessica Marie. new co-host to Voiceless Music Radio, Hanzo, while increasing our relationship with Slims Da Bank and Impact Network.

Finally, we've decided to make some immediate changes. As of Apri1 8th, Imperious Records will no longer be adding any new artist to the roster. The focus will be on the main artist we currently have signed at the moment.

Current signed artist Siano, Sueheidy/Fuchsia and newly acquired Star Qualified will have future releases including Siano's 21st Kings EP and Yano's World Pt. 2, Sueheidy's Overcoming 13 and debut iTunes single, Star Qualified's untitled project will all slated for 2014 now being coined as The Year of Imperious. Also, my Imperious Gang series will be continue as I am releasing Vol. 2 towards the end of summer. 

Please join us as we look towards a very bright future as I continue to be "The Voice Of The Voiceless.

- DJ Mainstream, owner/blogger