Voiceless Music's Jessica Marie First Co-hosting Gig

Hi everyone!

    Well in about 5 days I will be co-hosting the RLE Concert Series with DJ Mainstream. I'll admit it I'm nervous and excited. It's great thing I took public speaking in college and had a fiery presentation for my final project report based on improving morale among employees. I will definitely channel those skills. Another great fact is I won't be alone, DJ Mainstream is pretty much a pro when it comes to hosting events. From the radio show, to fashion shows and showcases Mainstream is no stranger to the stage. So I know I will be in good company. I am also excited about our rehearsal this Friday. It will be my the first time meeting Don Warbucks and the Real Lyfe Enterprise crew. Big shout out to them.
   In addition if you want tickets at a discounted price contact DJ Mainstream and Iveezie Cotto of the Purple Heart Club. They are selling them for just $10 dollars. So you may want to jump on that. 

Well other than that I'm very excited to be apart of this. I would like to thank DJ Mainstream for nominating me for this and Don Warbucks for accepting me to participate. Hope to see you guys there!

Much love,
Jessica Marie