A 1000th Post Dedicated To Saying Thank You

Hello all, 

My name is DJ Mainstream, The Voice of the Voiceless. For years, since I was a knucklehead in high school, I had strive to be apart of 'the industry'. 

I've done everything from event planning, DJ, party promotions, manage artists, develop brands... you name it, I've had an involvement in it.

But so far, my greatest achievement is linking with all of you here on Voiceless Music.com and through Voiceless Music Radio. The website has given me the outlet to each artists from all over the world including here in my home, New York City. And from that, I've gained new friends, new family, an abundance of support.

So, here, on my 1000th post on Voiceless Music.com I say thank you. Thank you for supporting my dream to become a major factor in music. If wasn't for the support of fans, friends, family, and everyone else, we would not have gotten to this point.

I personally want to thank everyone who was involved in the development in this website and this dream: Joan Stuart (Josiah Studios), Clay Mc (DJ Mastermind), Sian Thomas (Siano), Jennifer Sisti, and Jessica Marie (DJ Msflikix). And to those who've help this grow: Chris Elliott (Hanzo), David Glover (Slims Da Bank of F.L.O. Empire Radio), Ivan Cotto (I-Vee of Purple Heart Club), Sueheidy Garcia (aka Fuchsia) Voiceless Music Awards Artists of The Year Mr2TheP & Shawn Rock, Jasmine Vega (Miss JayVee) and Mario Lopez.

May 2014 made 2 years active. And now Fall 2014 will start anew as we plan to revamp Voiceless Music.com! More stories, more videos, new artists, and new bloggers. We hope you will continue to visit our site as we continue to grow.

Also, August 2014 will give us 1 full year on FLOEmpireRadio.com, so we invite you all (by using the link below) to be apart of history as we celebrate 365 Days of Independence: The 1 Year Anniversary of #VoicelessMusicRadio! Thank you all.

- DJ Mainstream (@TheDJMainstream)