CONTEST! Win A Ticket To See Quantum Split at Battle of The Bands from!

Contest time!

We are excited to annouce that Soleil Laurent and her band Quantum Split has made it to the last round of Battle of the Bands but they need your support!

You can support the effort to get on the Afropunk stage by being there on July 10th, 2014 at Free Candy in Brooklyn, NYC... you don't have a ticket huh? No problem! is willing to pay for YOUR ticket to go BUT you will need to answer one question...

Above is our very own DJ Mainstream and Ms. Laurent being interview for A Minute With Mainstream. In the video DJ Mainstream says his favorite video of Soleil is her singing a song of his mother's favorite artist.. to win the ticket tell us:

Who was the name of the artist DJ Mainstream says was his mothers favorite?

Winner will also recieve a ticket to our Soul of The Streets event coming next Sunday

Email us your answer at and your Twitter or Instagram info!

The winner will be announced tonight via our NEW Instagram account: @VoicelessMusic

Good luck!


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