Snyder Scribez - The Mind Of A Scribe (Mixtape)

After his appearance on Voiceless Music Radio, and a unforgettable freestyle, we had to put y'all on to Snyder Scribez new mixtape, The Mind Of A Scribe.

From first listen, you are introduced to the ominous but statement making "Mind Of A Scribe Intro", which we point for a reason... artist, when your doing a mixtape, DO NOT underestimate the power of a good intro. A label will consider you smart for following a concept.

Two tracks that also stand out is the Voiceless Music Radio premiered "Rebel Music" that, unlike other rappers, takes a Jahlil Beats track an adds substance to the Roc Nation producer's beat. The other we enjoy is "Great One", which clearly shows a unspoken dymaic between Snyder and Godz Chyld, similiar to the one we saw live on air.

It's Hip-Hop in its finest form. Download it today!

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