E11even - Presents Spend Time, Not Money Vol. 1 (Mixtape)

E11even's anticipated debut compilation mixtape Spend Time, Not Money Vol. 1 has dropped... and before we even get into the mixtape, let's state one thing from now: E11even is a child of Hip-Hop. So while this may be a digital mixtape to some, to him this is your tape in the boom box. 

And starting in true Hip-Hop form, E11even's single "Represent" featuring Riktech and "Yesturday" featuring FemmeC Niella Delight brings us back to the streets when spittin' matter over gimmick. But the stand out here is that smooth soothing "Hands Of Time" which has us believing Hip-Hop hasn't gone anywhere. It's sits in Long Island. 

If you don't want that cookie cutter ish on the radio, then turn it off and download E11even's tape now. 

The essence.


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