Voiceless Music Radio Presents Episode #63 w/ D-Black, Frank Knight & Scott Morris

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Another Thursday, another episode of Voiceless Music Radio, with our host, The Pulse Of New York!

D-Black came on the show discussing his Tunnel Vision tape and his goal as a collective with his company. Also he discussed being a 'strip club connoisseur' and drop a quick 16 on the "Lifestyle" beat.

Frank Knight came on and instantly turned up! Knizza discussed his work with Scott Morris (who came on later in the show) and the #DeansLT, his judging style as he prepares to be the judge for our Showcase At The Spot event and being the 'most humble dude in the game today'. 

If you missed the show... well... "you stupid".

#TheBeatofThePulse: Next To It - Lupe Fiasco featuring Ty Dollar $ign