Voiceless Music Radio #67: Live Johnson & Latoyah

Another Thursday, another episode of Voiceless Music Radio with our hosts, #ThePulseOfNewYork!

First, Queens MC Live Johnson was on the show discussing his Live & Direct album (which we are dropping 'Return Of The King' later today) and the importance of building of his brand as a rapper, graphic artist and engineer/producer. But it was our controversial discussion about the deaths of #EricGardner and #MikeBrown that sparked a roundtable back and forth that you couldn't miss!

Next, BET B-Real writer Latoyah was on the show, who also discussed the protests but also emphasized the women influence which has become minimal in the entertainment world. 

Was it our most controversial show ever to air on FLOEmpireRadio.com? Listen for yourself below.

Beat Of The Pulse: Kendrick Lamar - i