Richard Pigkaso Releases The Cover Art To His Debut Mixtape

If you've ever been to a Spotlight Music Showcase or any local open mics in New York City then you've FINALLY seen something different besides someone step to the mic and drop bars when it comes to Richard Pigkaso.

Known to Voiceless Music as the "Yo-Yo MC", Richard as been hitting the ground for a long time on the local indie scene. But now the young Yo-Yo king is now bringing y'all heat, as Richard drops the cover art to his new project, Yo-Yos Vol. 1: I'm Just Venting!

While we may not know the release date at this time, Pigkaso is currently in talks to be interview on Voiceless Music Radio soon! We look forward to hearing more when he's live with The Pulse Of New York.


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