#VoicelessMusicRadio on @FLOEmpireRadio.com #83: Ra[K]oon

This week on Voiceless Music Radio with the Pulse Of New York, DJ Mastermind, The Kota and Miss JayVee...

The crew welcomed the multi-talented singer Ra[K]oon to the show! For a first time ever radio interview, the young crooner got plenty of love from family and friends as they discussed everything from music, including the ever dope video to "18 Wheeler" to upcoming events and projects. 

The Pulse also debuted new music from Fuchsia, and also re-debuted music from Skip Rage and Prince Smith!

It was another entertaining night on #VoicelessMusicRadio ONLY ON FLOEmpireRadio.com! Check out the downloadable podcast and video replay below!


  1. The standards for excellence has been set Rakoon is educated humble and extremely gifted I be at the edge of my seat watching him perform singing along like a groupie keep up the great work

  2. I love this dude. RakooN is an incredible artist with an amazing body of work. My favorite songs are 14:59 ( Can't wait for video) and Topsy.

  3. I am of a fan...or a "certain age"....and I love the artistry that Rakoon brings to every project. He is a joy to watch, because its clear he respects his craft. He is indeed an inspiration to the children...of ALL AGES!!!!

  4. RaKooN Is Such An Inspiration. Who he is and what he represents as an artist is amazing. This interview was awsome.Following his Journey All The Way. I love how Different he is, and his style and how he has his own creativity. Dope artist. #RakStarLife #TeamReezy Can't Wait For More.

  5. Rakoon is a very talented artist. His sound is unique and all his own. I'm captivated every time I see him perform. This young man is going places....watch for him!

  6. YASSSSSS THATS MY DUDEEEE! Keep slaying Rakoon, so freaking proud!!


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