The Final #DeansLT1stThursdays Goes Down Tonight On #VoicelessMusicRadio

This week on #VoicelessMusicRadio with the Pulse Of New York, DJ Mastermind, Miss JayVee & The Kota...

We've reached the final month of Dean's List featured on Voiceless Music Radio! And even though it's not the 1st thursday it's still destined to be a hot show as all night we play all former & current #DeansLT artist music!

We will also have the man himself Nigel Scott Morris...

And Donna Marie, CEO of Destined 2 Leave A Legacy (D2LAL). What will the two managers of the famed tour discuss live on air?

Its Episode #86:
The #DeansLT Takeover
TONIGHT on Voiceless Music Radio 
at 10pm!


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