The Yo Yo MC & The Ladies Of Unpolished Podcast Is On #VoicelessMusicRadio!

This week on #VoicelessMusicRadio with the Pulse Of New York, DJ Mastermind, Miss JayVee & The Kota...

The Yo Yo MC, Richard Pigkaso comes on the show and discusses his upcoming new project Yo-Yos Vol. 1: I'm Just Venting.

Also joining us is Junie & Crystal of Unpolished Talk Podcast. Junie, a frequent listen to the show, finally graces our airwaves! Visibly outnumbered, how will The Kota & Mastermind be able to combat The Voice Of Reason and the Unpolished Talk ladies?

And finally in our Voiceless Corner we discuss the unsigned and independent artists and entrepreneurs and their feeling of deserving it all. We ask the question: How hard should you work for what you want?

Its Episode #85:
What Have You Done For Me Lately?
Thursday on Voiceless Music Radio 
at 10pm!