#VoicelessMusicRadio on @FLOEmpireRadio.com #85: Richard Pigkaso

This past Thursday on Voiceless Music Radio with The Pulse Of New York; DJ Mastermind, The Kota, and Miss JayVee...

With Miss JayVee getting beautified, the men on Voiceless Music Radio, DJ Mastermind, The Kota and the part-timer DJ Mainstream, interviewed the Yo-Yo MC known as Richard Pigkaso! Richard showed he was more than a 1 trick pony as he showed his music education with his music influences (including dropping a dream collab of wanting to work with Big L), his general feelings on DJ Mustard's music life, and his next moves!

Miss JayVee, fashionably late, had her party life put on blast as The Kota shared his experience with the Voice Of Reason at a MayPac Fight Party and it wasn't pretty. 

Hear (and see more) below with the video replay (the podcast will be posted soon)!


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