#VoicelessMusicRadio on @FLOEmpireRadio.com #87: Shenae Curry & Don Warbucks

This past Thursday on Voiceless Music Radio with The Pulse Of New York; DJ Mastermind, The Kota, and Miss JayVee...

With Miss JayVee out sick, the guys took over Voiceless Music Radio, as they interviewed Shenae Curry & Don Warlocks.

Ms. Curry was up first as she discussed her upbringing in music to her experiences with independent artists. The IAR student & future indie label CEO also discussed her distain for 'ratchet TV' and the current need for change in entertainment.

Don Warbucks also showed love as the RLE rep announced the Voiceless Music Radio-sponsored RLE Concert Series II! The MC also dropped details on a video coming soon for his iTunes single "Put In Work" while the roundtable began about professional wrestling.

The nerds sat at the cool table this past Thursday, so make sure to check out the podcast here & video replay below!


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